YouTube Video Optimization – Basic Video SEO

Three Basic YouTube Video Optimization Tips

YouTube Video Optimization

An often overlooked but powerful tool for improving online presence and authority is video posts. If you are using YouTube to promote your brand and content, try these tips below. Take the time to cover these important areas before publishing. If you already published it, go back into it and take the time on these three areas first.


The first thing to do (not last!) is some keyword research. The keyword research will guide the rest of the optimization components. General rule of thumb is- find high volume keywords with low volume competitive landscaping. Two fantastic tools for keyword research are the Google Keyword Planner Tool and the SEO Chat Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Titles and Tags

Make sure to include the keyword(s) that you chose in the title of the post. Is the title engaging? Try to arouse interest in the reader; hopefully a desire. If you can make the title a call to action, even better! Tags are another way to make your video more discoverable. Since the bots currently are unable to understand video content, they will have to take your word for it. Keep tags and keywords relevant. Definitely include branding terms!


YouTube Meta DescriptionThe description is important. It is your chance to sell the viewer on picking your post. Pay attention to the verbiage used. Be sure to include the keyword or variations of it there. Include calls to action and enticing phrases to encourage users to click and visit! Remember to tell people to share or embed the video, and to like it!

The truth is, when you give search bots the food they need to help them identify the topic of the post, the targeted audience, and/or the information provided, they can bring the visitors to the post that can best be served by the material.

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