What’s New with Bing & Yahoo

As of January 1st, 2016, Bing is now powering the search results for AOL. While this is a low percentage of overall searches, this is important to be aware of. Google handled these search results in the past, so if you were previously appearing in the AOL results, and you are not running in Bing, you will no longer be there. The AOL demographics tend to skew older, so if this is your target market, reach out to your PML account team to get more information.

There are other changes brewing at Bing as well. Previously, if you were running a campaign in Bing, you would also have appeared in the Yahoo search results across devices.

Yahoo search has been migrating over to Yahoo Gemini, a new search platform for traditional paid search, as well as native advertising. If you want to appear in the Yahoo search results (especially for mobile devices), you will want to apply some budget to Yahoo Gemini. Your PML account manager can answer any questions you may have and provide a recommendation specific to your business.

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