What our team is most excited about – Q2 2020 edition

The digital marketing landscape evolves rapidly over time. Every quarter, our team put together a list of features and releases that we’re looking forward to exploring the most. Here’s what we are most excited about on the second quarter of 2020: 

Paid Advertising

Understanding Shifts in Consumer Interests – Summer Marchelletta, PPC Specialist

Businesses impacted by COVID seek opportunities by using a variety of resources to understand what is changing in consumer interests. Google launches their Rising Retail Categories tool to help understand fast-rising retail categories.
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YouTube to Launch Brand Lift for TV Screens as We Spend More Time at Home – Kelly Malarkey, PPC Specialist

With more people streaming on TV screens, YouTube is optimizing their Brand Lift surveys which will allow for easy interaction via a remote control. YouTube also announced they’ll soon be introducing more flexible ad formats that are designed for these bigger screens.
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During a Time of Increased Online Shopping, Google Makes It Free To Sell  – Brian Murphy, PPC Specialist

As the volume of online purchases continues to increase, Google wants to ensure that ecommerce solutions are available for businesses of any size and scale. Google has also recently partnered with PayPal – making the process of listing your products online easier for users that are new to Google Shopping.

An Increased Need for Essentials Online Causes Rare Shipping Delays at Amazon – Derek Kulp, PPC Specialist

The change in consumer behavior caused the company to halt shipments of non-essential items to its warehouses and stopped most of its ads on Google throughout March. Since mid-April, fulfillment times are still not back to pre-COVID efficiency, but Amazon has made strides to adjust to the impact of the increased demand.

LinkedIn Ads Rolls Out New Company Targeting Features – Alan Waggoner, PPC Specialist

In April, LinkedIn Ads released two new company targeting features that will allow B2B advertisers additional targeting options. Advertisers can now target by company category and company growth rate. These new targeting features use internal data exclusive to LinkedIn. These targeting features should be great tools to help boost B2B lead gen.

Web Design, Web Development & Content

CSS Animation Can Be A Great Tool To Drive Conversions – Mike Raichelson, Web Developer

Adding some simple animation elements to your site may help keep user interest and could be used to help draw attention and drive conversions. Animate.css is a helpful set of pre-built animations that can be imported into most projects. Read More >>

Why It’s Time to Focus on SVG Animations — The Story of SVGator – Trisha Lamb, Web Designer

It may seem unreasonable to call something “new” when it’s been around for more than two decades, but people still tend to think of SVG animations as complex, rare, and yes, even new.

What To Do With Your Content Marketing During a Pandemic – Natalia Morais, Content Specialist

Coronavirus has created tremendous disruption in the digital marketing ecosystem and it is not going away any time soon. Customers are anxious, scared and looking for answers. The last thing they want to see is a sales pitch, so adjust your content in light of the new environment and be mindful of your audience.

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