What our team has been most excited about

The digital marketing landscape evolves rapidly over time. Our team at PML decided to put together a list of the newest features and releases that we’re looking forward to exploring the most.

Paid Advertising

Google Launches Combined Audiences – Tommy Sands, PPC Specialist

Historically, we have been limited with some of our campaign strategies due to audience targeting restrictions. With this launch, we are now able to employ custom, combined audience targeting strategies that were not previously available – broadening the scope of potential solutions for our clients.
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Connect with Customers Faster with Google’s Latest Lead Form Extensions – Kelly Malarkey, PPC Specialist

Lead Form Extensions allow businesses to capture quality leads right on Google Search. We’re looking forward to Lead Form Extensions simplifying the form filling process and allowing for a faster, mobile-optimized experience.
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Microsoft Ads Unveils LinkedIn Profile Targeting – Lauren Adams, PPC Specialist

Microsoft introduced Linkedin profile targeting to allow advertisers to better reach individuals within a certain company, job function or industry. We’re especially thrilled to test out this targeting option for those in the B2B space.
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YouTube Added New Ad Extensions – Brian Murphy, PPC Specialist

I’m thrilled that call-to-action extensions have become available for 6-second bumper ads! Bumper ads are short 6 second videos that let you reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand with brief, memorable messages. These extensions will make it easier for viewers to take an action, like visiting your website, after seeing your ad.
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Google ads video & new reporting options to responsive display ads – Summer Marchelletta, PPC Specialist

In 2019, I was excited to see Responsive Display Ads made some changes to enhance ad performance, especially that video became a new option! Advertisers have gained the option to select up to 5 video assets from their YouTube channel to better capture attention of users. With the new ad strength scorecard report and the combination report, advertisers can now see their ad is set up for success before it goes live and measure which creative asset combinations performed best.
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Emergence of New Bid Modifiers and Targeting on Amazon – Derek Kulp, PPC Specialist

Amazon upped its game this year, giving sellers the opportunity to further determine how and where they want to bid. Our team is looking forward to using these new options – including modifiers for top of page or product page placement as well as options to target loose match, close match, substitutes and complements to your product.
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Facebook’s New Multiple Text Options – Alan Waggoner, PPC Specialist

I’m really excited about a new feature Facebook will be rolling out that allows us to add multiple options for the primary text field, title, and description. Facebook will show different combinations of these fields to the people most likely to engage with each variations. We’re eager to explore this new feature because it should help us increase engagement, CTRs and conversion rates for our clients.
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Web Design, Web Development & Content

Twelve Days of Front End Testing – Mike Raichelson, Web Developer

In my role, it’s important for me to keep track of changes that happen across a large number of sites. Finding tools that make that an easier process are always welcome. Especially when they can be automated to help us save hours of work manually checking sites for issues with design, layout, and accessibility. This article by Amy Kapernick has a very handy overview of tools that are available and ways to use them.
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Get Started With UI Design With These Tips To Speed Up Your Workflow – Trisha Lamb, Web Designer

These tips from this Smashing Magazine article really hit home for me when it comes to UI Design. This article touches on choosing a basic grid size, font sizes, advantages of color naming, utilizing white space, and much more.
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Google Answers How to Optimize for BERT – Natalia Morais, Content Specialist

Google’s answer on how to best optimize content for search is nothing new or mind blowing for us as marketers, but it confirms what we’ve been saying for the past few years. Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore and what ranks better in search is relevant and quality content, written specifically for that audience.
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