Three Reasons to SEO Your Website

The fact remains: Google has stated specifically they never take payment for website placement in their ranking hierarchy. They also remind us that being listed in their index is always free. So why do some websites show up first in the search engine results pages and others are nowhere to be found? The many answers to this one question have become the foundation of the science of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Here are some great reasons to work on the SEO of your website:

1. SEO works!

The best part about committing to the time, effort, and expense of SEO for a website is the fact that it really works! It is not just some theory that has yet to be proven. Implementing SEO best practices for a business website is something that is approved by Google. Effective SEO tactics are comprised of both onsite and offsite components ranging from the architectural structure of the website coding to the way a simple page title is worded. Continuous monitoring and improvement of important SEO scoring factors on a website will increase visitor traffic and conversions over time.

2. Not everyone invests in SEO

What about a newcomer to the internet starting their first company website? With all of the evidence pointing to the effectiveness of quality SEO on a website’s performance, everyone else is already ahead of the game right? The funny thing is the answer is NO! There are lots of websites (including many of your actual or potential competitors) that have yet to begin optimizing their websites with SEO. Even more common is a situation where SEO has been attempted unsuccessfully or improperly. Getting started with proper SEO is sometimes the hardest part of the game.

3. Proper SEO has a high ROI or Return on Investment

Because a top listing can bring targeted visitors without a cost per visit, it is a worthy investment when it pays off. Even though some websites and some companies seem to always have the top spots when certain search terms are entered, they are all scored based on the same factors. While it is true that a business can use Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads to compete with their adversaries online, organic results are driven by SEO ranking factors. This gives the SEO optimized website an advantage over an unimproved competitor website time and time again.

SEO is an important part of any website marketing program. There is a long list of areas to assess and often to revise. The good news is there are plenty of online resources to assist you in your journey, including libraries of specific explanations and tutorials written by the big search engines themselves. For businesses with sizable websites, complex database management or expansive marketing plans, hiring a professional SEO firm is often a wise decision. For a consultation about your current website regarding Search Engine Optimization or to discuss a new website you are planning on creating contact Philly Marketing Labs.
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