See the New AdWords Remarketing Audience List Report & New Audience Tag

New Audience List Report

This new report shares demographic data and list size overtime.

Find the new report by navigating to the Shared Library.


Once in the Shared Library navigate to the Audiences section where you will see your Audience lists.  Click on a list and check out the new list report.


Demographic data is always helpful and Google has included gender and age demographic data for Audience lists.   I was interested to see demographic data on converted visitor lists but after looking through several Client accounts I found that none of the converted lists provided demographic data because it is technically not in use, even though it is in use as a custom combination.  I also noticed that no demographic data is available for Similar Audiences lists.

The New Remarketing List Tag with more Robust List Building Features

What…what?    While I am poking around I also see that there is a “New! remarketing tag that has more robust list building features allowing advertisers to build lists based on the site URL’s.” 

Advertisers can now create lists for visitors of a page, visitors of a page who did not visit another page, visitors of a page who also visited another page, visitors of a page during specific dates, visitors of a page with a specific tag and custom combination lists utilizing the AdWords Remarketing List tag.  Do all this with a single tag across the entire site.


The new code can be located in the Audiences section Remarketing tag box on the top right of the Shared Library > Audiences section.  Click the view tag details button and then Setup.  There you will find the code and instructions for implementation.


I’m impressed with the added functionality which will absolutely give advertisers an edge when devising Remarketing strategies.    I still suggest that advertisers check out the Google Analytics Remarketing tag and compare the functionality of the two tagging features to identify what tagging solution meets their needs.

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