Samurai Women and Renaissance Men – Social Media changes business

The Samurai was a warrior who was also expected to be well-versed in the arts, literature and social skills. Similarly, the Renaissance man typically refers to someone who is able to deep-dive into a wide range of topics, applying their knowledge to solve problems with agility.

The premise behind this talk is that business people must become more multi-faceted to operate in today’s Social Media driven world. The age of specialization has come and gone. We are faced with the need to be anthropologists, psychologists, scientists and business people.

This talk was first delivered on May 13, 2010 to the Community College of Philadelphia, Corporate Solutions Group by Skip Shuda of Team and a Dream. It runs through the reasons why business people should care about Social Media, where it is heading and what we should do about it. The meat of the presentation contains a framework for Social Media Strategy – as well as some case studies illustrating different objectives in Social Media. We also touch on using teams to create your business Samurai… when you can’t do it all yourself.

Samurai Women and Renaissance Men: Social Media changes business

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Cast in the spirit of Leonardo DaVinci, the audience brainstormed some of today’s best examples of Samurai Women an Renaissance Men. Some names that came up? Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie.
We’d love to hear your favorite nominees for Samurai Women and Renaissance Men. Who would you suggest?
Do you have ways in which you have had to flex into being more multi-dimensional for Social Media? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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