Celebrating 1 Year of 4 Day Workweek

One Year of the 4-Day Workweek

How has the 4-day workweek impacted life for PML-ers? Our team reflects back on what Fridays have enabled them to do over the last year.


Having Fridays off has seemed to add balance to my life. The extra time to spend doing my artwork and photography has filled a void that I have needed for so long. It also allows me to do the little things I could never do before. For example, Some Fridays I will spend the entire morning hiking and then meet a friend for lunch. Sure, I could always do this on the weekend, but being a mother of two whose children are in sports and other activities, it leaves almost zero room for “me time”. Sometimes I spend the day doing all the things needed around the house, or errands to be run. Being able to have those little things accomplished, relieves stress not being rushed for time. I love the balance the four-day workweek has given me and treasure my Fridays.    


Things I’ve done with a four-day workweek:
  • Spent time learning new tech/work-oriented skills
  • Trained a puppy
  • Written a framework for making bespoke Shopify themes
  • Spent time helping the group of podcasters/streamers that I do stuff with work on a new website and some embeddable tools that can be shown on stream.
  • Raised money for charities with said podcasters/streamers ($2,200 to the Trevor Project last December, and other things over the course of the year)


The four-day workweek has allowed me to make extra time to go to the local animal shelter where I walk dogs each week and take them out into the courtyard. After visiting the shelter, I can come home and spend time with my own dog and husband who works from home on Fridays. When I’m not going to the shelter, I’m able to visit my friend in the city on Fridays. She is a nurse and often works weekends so it is hard for us to coordinate time to see each other. It’s truly awesome having a three-day weekend every weekend!      


It has allowed me to pursue hobbies I didn’t have time for before (reading/writing) and sharpen/learn new skills. During the summer, I was able to help a friend in need on Friday afternoon- otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to. I also love that I can run errands on Fridays, while my son is in school, and then I can use my weekends actually to hang out with him and get rest when needed.        


Being able to do things like yard work, schedule doctors/dentist appointments, car inspections, dog groomer, etc.. on Fridays has been helpful. Additionally, I’ve been able to do some fun stuff like go to theme parks, and escape rooms, and took my Dad to Cooperstown. My birthday was on a Friday this past year too which made it feel extra special. There’s also just a general sense of actually feeling refreshed coming off a 3 day weekend, whereas I didn’t get that same feeling from a 2 day weekend.      


As a working nomad (see previous blog), having Fridays off has given me the freedom to travel and explore the US while working full-time. On the weekends I have the flexibility to disconnect and make necessary long-distance travels with my camper to new locations, set up at my new site, and still have an extra day to relax and explore the new digs. I love the work/life balance that having a 4-day weekend provides, while also giving me an extra sense of focus and accountability Mon-Thur.        


The 4-day workweek has allowed me to recharge fully on the weekends. Fridays are now my running around/appointment days-where I can schedule almost all my appointments, grocery shop (while stores are relatively slow), get caught up on household chores, garden, and go for long walks with my pups. I have been experimenting with new recipes on Fridays. I use my traditional weekend days to truly rest and spend time with family and friends. It’s been such a blessing to my mental health and general well-being!      


The 4-day workweek has definitely been an improvement for my mental and physical health. With Fridays off, I can mentally prepare throughout the 3 days for upcoming tasks. It helps a lot to reflect on what was done and what I will be doing, and how I can improve. Having Fridays off also allows me to do things I wouldn’t be able to do on Saturdays and Sundays such as dental/medical appointments. It allows me to take full advantage of the remaining days of the weekend, by spending extra time with friends and family on Saturdays and Sundays and get more done as I have extra energy from the extra day off.

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