Messing Up in a Holacratic Company

Recently, I was trying to improve the availability of our newsletters by publishing them in their own section on our website.   This would allow visitors to return to a previous newsletter and read it again. It would also provide SEO benefits by increasing the amount of relevant content on the site. Unfortunately, in my zeal to complete this experiment, I mistakenly published this test page as a blog post. This means the alert may have ended up in your mailbox as an email titled “Test Email HTML”.
I’m sorry for that mistake.  However, I thought it was an opportunity to highlight part of the PML culture.
We use a company-wide system called Holacracy at PML.  Holacracy is a form of agile governance and has been in the news a lot lately. Some of the biggest names in entrepreneurial business such as Twitter and most recently, Zappos, have adopted Holacracy as their form of governance.
I took individual action to solve the marketing problem. I knew what needed to be done and understood the company’s purpose. This led to my confidence to make the spontaneous right action of creating the page on the site, even though its not normally an accountability for the roles I fill at PML. Read more on spontaneous right action at work.
All would have been fine, if I had just published it as a as a simple page instead of a blog post!
Since there was an error that occurred, I am now attempting to “restore the balance” through this post. This is a good example of how Holacracy shifts from the traditional reaction to an employee mistake of punitive measures to a restorative justice system. The shift takes us away from a culture where blame and fear of blame are strong factors in the decision-making process and brings us to a place where we can live and work together in an attempt to creatively embrace the future. The concept is explained in more detail on the Holacracy blog post on individual action.
I hope this post was informative and helps you understand a little better now how PML operates!


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