Main Line Digital Marketing Group’s Meetup

As Philly Marketing Labs continues to grow, we maintain our commitment of giving back to the local marketing community. One way we do this is to host a local group. Since joining the Main Line Internet and Social Media Marketing Group, PML has taken on a leadership role for this meet-up. After our annual PML strategy summit, we decided that our team was best suited to speak to matters related to digital marketing.  PML’s mission is to help companies to adapt, engage and thrive in today’s market and we wanted to have a meet-up that mirrored that commitment.

The purpose of the Main Line Digital Marketing Group is akin to PML’s mission – to help companies adapt, engage and thrive in today’s digital marketplace. Our goal is to increase the understanding of digital marketing and to develop resilient organizations through conscious and agile business practices.

We will be holding our first meet-up under this rebranded name and anticipate a great turnout. Join us for our next meeting on 5/28 at 6pm at Michael’s Deli in King of Prussia. The topic of this meet-up is ‘Act on your Google Analytics Data to Improve Business Results’.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Main Line Digital Marketing Meetup King of Prussia


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