Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Agencies, Freelancers and Businesses Gather for Meetup

The Main Line Internet Marketing and Social Media Meetup met for its monthly event at Michael’s Deli, in King of  Prussia.  Sponsored by Philly Marketing Labs, this open group meets to cover digital marketing topics, share insight and knowledge, and to make connections.

Main Line Internet Marketing and Social Media Meetup

Main Line Social Media Meetup at Michael’s Deli in King of Prussia

Wednesday night we talked about inbound marketing and the HubSpot marketing platform.  More than 35 attendees gathered to discuss the state of the industry.

Speakers included:

Skip Shuda, Business Composer/co-founder of Philly Marketing Labs.  Because I manage the integration of HubSpot with Philly Marketing Labs’ inbound marketing services, I introduced the evening’s conversation with a brief presentation defining inbound marketing and showing how HubSpot drives leads. You can find the presentation here:

 Slideshare presentation of Skip Shuda’s introductory comments on inbound marketing.

Skip Shuda presenting on Hubspot

Skip Shuda leads off presentation about HubSpot and inbound marketing

Sharon Pastore of Main Line Family Law showed how she grew her website leads from non-existent to over 240 per month using HubSpot. She showed us her content-rich strategy for attracting the right traffic and her steps to capturing the attention of her target audience.  Read more about Sharon’s success story in the HubSpot blog.

Sharon Pastore HubSpot Case Study

Sharon Pastore of Main Line Family Law Center talks about her Hubspot case study

Michael Lieberman of Square 2 Marketing talked about his company’s transformation into a HubSpot-only agency. With more than 50 clients on HubSpot, his company has deep experience with inbound marketing and the Hubspot platform.  Mike has spoken at Inbound 2012 and is slated to talk in 2013 about how they drive conversions.  I can’t wait to hear this!

Michael Lieberman Square 2 Marketing

Mike Lieberman, Square 2 Marketing

By the way, I’ll be at Inbound 2013 this summer as I know many of Wednesday night’s attendees will. If you’d like to join us, contact me to get 50% off the Inbound 2013 Conference and learn about the “Philly in Boston” meetup.

Donna and Bruce Nager - Magic of Aloe

Donna and Bruce Nager talked about their Magic of Aloe Website.  They are resurrecting a once vibrant business and were looking for consulting help to build their eCommerce business.

Jason Lomberg of Avanti Vision talked about his companies work with video (several PML’s videos were produced by Avanti Vision ).  They also provide SEO services. Jason was joined by founder Antonio Basile.

Jason Lomberg Avanti Vision

Antonio Basile, Jason Lomberg of Avanti Vision

Christina Tarkoff described her transition from graphic designer to HubSpot consultant, explaining how she helps small businesses drive leads through their websites.

Christina Tarkoff talks HubSpot

Christina Tarkoff


John Swahn entertains the Meetup

John the Stripper (his title not mine) entertained the group with his captivating stories as an antique restoration guy.  Currently working on Ben Franklin’s dining room table (or some similar piece) he is challenged to remove water damage, but preserve the ring of his mug.  He emphasized that value is tied into the role of the people and place that created and used the piece.  He asked, “If George Washington drew a mustache on the Mona Lisa, what’s more valuable — to restore the Mona Lisa to its original state or to preserve the historical whackiness of President George Washington drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa?”  I learned later that John Swahn really knows his stuff when it comes to restoration.

Other speakers at the meetup included:

– My good friend Marc Beneteau – who talked about rolling out his new WordPress Encyclopedia offering.

Marc Beneteau WordPress Encyclopedia

Marc Beneteau

– Greg Henry of Push 10 – a Web design agency specializing in WordPress development.

Carolyn Frith talked about her content generation services — a critical part of inbound marketing.

Carolyn Frith

Carolyn Frith talks Content

Kevin Zebluim of Social 5 talked about his company’s work in implementing social media strategies for businesses.


Kevin Zebluim

It was one of our most energized and entertaining evenings, and I am grateful to everyone who participated.  It was clear that Philadelphia is hot for inbound marketing and HubSpot.  If you spoke up and I missed you please drop me a line at [email protected].

Would love to hear other impressions of inbound marketing, HubSpot and/or our June 12 meetup at Michael’s.  Please jump into the conversation in the comments!
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