Google Marketing Live 2022

Highlights from Google Marketing Live 2022

Every year we look forward to the new and improved features on Google’s advertising platforms. Here are some noteworthy highlights our team is especially excited about from this year’s Google Marketing Live:


  • Shorts: Product Feeds will show up in the video itself, making video ads more shoppable and essentially turning them into digital stores.
  • Easy Video Ad creation: Create a video ad in 60 seconds using as few as 5 images, logos, and text assets.

Performance Max upgrades

  • Burst campaigns: Great for capturing seasonal foot traffic.  These run for two weeks or less and optimize for in-store goals.
  • A/B testing: Utilize experimental tools to compare Performance Max against Standard Shopping Campaigns and measure improvements.
  • Optimization score availability: These recommendations will be added to Performance Max campaigns to help provide insight into the budget, targeting, and asset groups.
  • Loyalty program ads integration: Loyalty lists can be uploaded through Customer Match and targeted for new loyalty advertising campaigns.


  • Swipeable Shopping ads: Developed to blend browsing time with shopping time. These ads deliver enhanced detail and a more engaging buying experience, as well as the ability to view products in 3D.
  • Checkout on Merchant: A huge win towards improving conversion rates by taking the shopper directly to a checkout page rather than having to log into the advertiser’s website.

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