Google Universal Analytics

What use is marketing if you don’t know its effectiveness? Google improved its analytics service to give you even more control over your data with the introduction of Universal Analytics.

How would you like to be able to:

  • Know which of your marketing channels produced the best results?
  • Sync customer online and offline behavior and view the data in one location?
  • Get insights into the performance of mobile apps?
  • Customize organic reports by excluding specific referral sources or search terms?
  • Better understand how customers interact with your brand across various platforms?

“Yes! Yes!”, you are thinking, “Yes of course! But How? How can I get all this???”

Google’s Universal Analytics is an upgrade to the standard and widely used analytics system and requires a replacement code to be installed. It is really that simple to get started with it! Note: Certain features will require some additional code work. It has been promised by the search giant to provide documentation explaining how to migrate existing GA accounts to the new UA (Universal Analytics) system, however, and they recommend to run both the Universal code along side of any existing analytics code in the beginning to keep the tracking continuity.

Philly Marketing Labs is an expert in analyzing and testing methods that bring results when it comes to the customer journey. The customer journey is increasingly occurring on multiple devices, therefore, it is more important now than ever to identify and capitalize on the relationships between channels that drive conversions. Google’s UA is certainly a step in the right direction on this front!

Knowledge is Power.

Learn more about how Philly Marketing Labs uses Google Analytics to improve the knowledge clients have about the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

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