Google Merchant Center data included in the AdWords User Interface

Google AdWords Engineers push on to bring even more improvements to their AdWords User Interface. Today I noticed the addition of a Merchant Center link under the Reporting and Analysis tab. This is a helpful addition to the AdWords UI so that we can get a look at the Merchant Center performance without having to bounce back and forth between the two interfaces.



Upon clicking the link I was shown a list of Merchant Center accounts that are linked to the AdWords Account.

Clicking on an account leads to a dashboard. The dashboard has two tabs. One labeled Dashboard that covers overall performance and a second labeled Products and contains listing of the products in the Merchant Center account with columns containing the Title, Condition, Product Ad status, and Language.



A smart addition to the AdWords UI in my opinion.

Have you seen this in your accounts? Do you find this helpful?

Comments welcome!

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