Google AdWords Specialized Search Ads

Google AdWords Product Managers are hard at work bringing new and exciting features to the AdWords User Interface. I have been blown away this week with the new look of the UI rolling out as well as some new features that I am finding in some, but not all, client accounts.

I noticed the new addition of an ad type called specialized search. Specialized Search ads allow you to target Google Images and YouTube.

In going through the process of creating one of these ads you create a new ad group in an existing campaign and then are presented with the option to create a Specialized – Search ad. Next you are asked to provide keywords.Once you have entered your keywords and proceed you are presented with a choice of Image Ad Search or YouTube True View In-Search.


Image Search Ads

These ads allow you to target the Google Images section on by creating an image ad that will appear with image search results.

Built into the AdWords UI is a very cool ad creation page that easily allows advertisers to enter their ad copy, select an image, and also edit the image by cropping or removing the image background.


These ads are then eligible to appear in image results shown in this example below.


YouTube True View In-Search Video Ads

YouTube advertising is not new to the AdWords User Interface but adding videos through this method is. Google added a very user friendly way advertise via YouTube.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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