Google AdWords for Video – 5 Great Reasons to Take Advantage of this Advertising Opportunity

As a marketer, I occasionally find myself admiring some really well executed advertising campaigns.adwords-for-video There’s nothing better than an ad that creates that perfect experience for the customer. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to see a movie trailer that really grabbed my attention and inspired me to actually take an action. It wasn’t so much the content of the trailer that caught my eye; it was their instruction toward the end to “Search on Google” for more information. I found this call-to-action quite interesting so I obliged. The first thing I noticed upon my search was a Google Media Ad that included an extended trailer on YouTube which I watched immediately. Congratulations movie marketing team, you can count me as a conversion.

Sure, most of us are not promoting major box office hits here but the reality is that video consumption trends have been on the rise for years now and the concept of online video advertising has not fully caught on yet. I think back to a Google Hangout On-Air that I attended last year. I posed a question to Francoise Brougher, Google Vice President of Global SMB Sales, about how small businesses (SMBs) can make use of video in their advertising campaigns. She was very succinct in her reply about the benefits that video can provide SMBs and the streamlined entry that is provided by Google AdWords for Video. I have outlined some important points for you to consider if you’re thinking about video advertising.

5 Great Reasons to Consider AdWords for Video

  1. Ease of entry:  You don’t need a professional studio to make a video for your product or business. Most smartphones have decent video capturing capabilities and YouTube has free editing tools to help you tidy up your final product.
  2. Potential reach: YouTube is the #1 video site and #2 search engine in the world. Your customers are viewing videos at an alarming rate and your advertisements could be viewed right along with these videos.
  3. Flexibility:  Google AdWords for Video offers the TrueView family of ads which provides various video ad formats for advertisers to choose from. There are also numerous targeting options to help advertisers define their ideal customer base.
  4. Cost:  One of the best parts of using the TrueView family of ads is that you only pay when potential customers choose to watch your video. An added bonus is that users can skip your ads if they’re not interested in your product or service.
  5. Emotional connection: Video ads allow you to engage your customers on a more interactive and emotional level. There are only so many ways you can describe a product, service or business with limited text or pictures. Sometimes it’s best to demonstrate it or explain it to your potential customers directly.

As advertisers, we create ads that we hope will engage potential customers, grab their attention, and guide them down the funnel—ideally enticing a sale or phone call. Aren’t we more effective in doing this when we can more directly make a connection with someone? Advertising with Google AdWords for Video gets you much closer. Don’t wait for the train to pass you by—launch your video campaign today.

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