Giving Back in 2018 – Bechara Jaoudeh

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Often times, when families are in crisis, they reach out to places of worship or nonprofits for assistance. For my charity donation, I contacted our local church asking them to help me find a family in need. This is when I find out about Jerry.

Jerry, a father of 2, had suffered a spinal injury which left him with paralysis, spasticity and many other health issues along with mounting medical expenses.

Jerry uses forearm crutches and robotic leg braces which allow him to walk short-medium distances. Because of the size of these braces, Jerry cannot fit in nor legally use a standard wheelchair van. He is required to have a specially equipped SUV/Pickup truck style conversion equipped with specific controls and modifications in order to drive.

Along with several community members, our donations allowed Jerry to put a down payment on a custom SUV that fits his needs. Jerry will soon be able to restore some normalcy to his his life and hopefully go back to helping provide for his family.

This charity initiative has been very rewarding for me and our team. I heard a touching story from each of our team members. Read their stories here

written by Bechara Jaoudeh

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