Enhancements to the AdWords Display Ad Builder

Today I noticed what appears to be a recent enhancement to the AdWords Display Ad Builder.

I am aware that we have had the ability to build Display Ads through the AdWords UI for a long time now but this time when launched the feature I was surprised to see the user interface messaging that they are evaluating my destination URL. Â Â What I found is Google scanning the destination URL to pull images, and customize a style for me.

What was returned was a complete set of Display Ads that had a product image pulled from the website and text that was pulled from my existing text ad.

The images may need some editing and that can easily be done through the user interface so that I can add a logo or modify text or resize an image. Â There are also more options that can be displayed and if I don’t want to use these initial samples. Â If I don’t want to use any of the samples returned I still have the option to build my own using the Display Ad Builder link at the bottom of the page.

Research shows that matching your ad message to your landing page improves campaign effectiveness. Â Google is helping marketers to implement this important tactic of message matching.

Please let us know if you will be taking advantage of this new feature.

Comments welcome.

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