Case Studies Expose PML Internet Marketing and Lead Generation Successes

Philly Marketing Labs logoIn a space like Internet Marketing, it can be difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys.   If you are trying to make a decision about hiring a digital agency, how do you go about deciding which one will drive real results?

Recently, a Web design partner approached us about a prospective client. Our partner wanted to share some case studies to give the prospect an understanding of what we are like to work with.  It was a perfect excuse to get around to something we’ve been meaning to do for a while.  Some of the case studies previously on our website dated back to our days of working with entrepreneurs.  Today, our focus is on lead generation for traditional, mid-sized companies and this new batch of case studies reflect that.

Together, these digital marketing case studies of some of our more recent clients help tell the story of what Philly Marketing Labs is like to work with.  They give you a sense of what we measure when working with clients; how we define results. For example:

  • For marketing a large, growing technical conference we measured registrations that came through organic and paid search.  We also paid attention to changes in the efficiency of the paid search channel.
  •  When it came to commercial mortgages, we focused on leads for new loans but we also took a look at the change in the client’s overall business growth.  After all, marketing leads are only powerful if they convert into client business.
  • For a residential home builder, we looked at how well Facebook paid advertising worked for generating leads that the builder’s sales team could contact.   This marketing test allowed the builder to fine-tune its future marketing efforts.
  • A nursing school project focused on optimizing their existing Website to convert more of the visitors into leads.   Using a combination of email marketing, paid advertising, organic search (aka SEO), landing page optimization and analytics goal tracking, we were able to drive powerful improvements.   We had to knock down a few doors to overcome common mistakes clients that clients often make before we arrive.  Furthermore, this case study had a control group to compare against.

If you’d like to see a more detailed case study to get a sense of how Philly Marketing Labs works with multiple marketing channels and overcomes obstacles then you can find it here at our Clients and Case Studies page.

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