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Closing the Web Analytics Hole with Phone Tracking

Close the Analytics Loop with Phone TrackingThere is an old adage stating, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

When you are approaching digital marketing optimization the single biggest success factor is getting good data that is actionable. The beauty of digital marketing is that we can take action based on what we are learning from the data. All of the major digital marketing channels: PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, benefit from programs that measure and respond.

Plug the leak in your data!

What kind of return are you getting from the investments you are making? Web Analytics programs (like Google Analytics) are fantastic instruments for measuring performance. They provide a lot of useful information, but it is typically partial information.

At Philly Marketing Labs, we work with many traditional businesses – and many of their clients like to do business by the phone.  In fact, it is common to see more than 50% of customer leads come through the phone!

The missing link in our customer’s analytics is something akin to asking: “How did these people find the company phone number and what prompted them to call?”

To answer this question, we can now employ the powerful technology of phone tracking using dynamic number insertion.

With this technology, anywhere there is a phone number on the Web site, a new number can be dynamically displayed based on how the visitor found your Website. It is simple to implement. You purchase a pool of phone numbers, replace the phone number on your site with a snippet of JavaScript and different numbers will appear based on where the visitor came from. Those numbers are then forwarded to the existing phone lines, so you don’t have to change any of your existing processing.

Now we can see how many leads came from the Website lead forms vs. phone calls. We can also determine how many phone calls originated from organic search vs. paid search vs. email marketing campaigns, etc. Phone tracking can be integrated into your analytics program so that goals fire every time you receive a call. This helps to close the loop so you can get a complete marketing picture.

The benefit of dynamic phone tracking extends beyond your digital footprint. You can also track offline campaigns, newspapers, direct mail campaigns, billboards can all have their own phone number. You can easily test out a new advertising source to see how well it performs in generating phone leads.

Finally, calls that are tracked this way can be recorded as well, which can be a valuable Quality Assurance and learning tool.

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