[Case Study] Chariot Solutions – Growing Registrations for a Technical Conference

The Overview

Chariot Solutions runs the annual Emerging Technology for the Enterprise Conference each year in Philadelphia. Discover how we integrated Paid Search, SEO and Conversion Optimization to help Chariot Solutions sell out their conference 3 years in a row.

The Ask

With attendance at the annual Emerging Technology for the Enterprise Conference in Philadelphia being the driving factor, Philly Marketing Labs and Chariot Solutions partnered to increase registrations and attendance.

The Action

  1. As a first step, the Philly Marketing Labs team implemented changes to Chariot Solutions’ website information architecture which allowed visitors to quickly find the topics they wanted.
  2. Additional website changes improved the conversion of those website visitors into conference registrants.
  3. A highly-targeted Paid Search campaign on Google Ads improved the lead quality and reduced overall campaign cost, resulting in better click-through-rates.
  4. Conversion tracking through Google Analytics allowed Philly Marketing Labs and Chariot Solutions to jointly measure leads generated by SEO and Paid Search efforts.

The Results

  • Drastic Improvement in Paid Traffic Quality, Leading to Cost Savings
    Metrics showed a 54.87% increase in Page/Visit and a 162% increase in Time on Site, allowing Chariot to get the same results while dramatically reducing the number of clicks for which they paid year over year– a 78% reduction in paid visits—which directly translates to money saved.
  • 30.4% Increase in Organic Search visits YoY
  • 249% R.O.I.
    Chariot Solutions’ return on investment for this project was computed at 249% (costs included Paid Search advertising budget and the Philly Marketing Labs fees; revenues were conference registrations).

The Review

Philly Marketing Labs helped us maximize the attendance at our annual conference for three consecutive years. Without their expertise in online marketing, we would not have been able to accomplish this goal. We highly recommend PML for any marketing effort.

-Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chief Marketing Officer, Chariot Solutions

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