Calls to Action and Conversion Optimization

Calls to Action Help Visitors Make the Choices You Want

Conversion optimization is the process of adjusting and enhancing a website experience so that visitors come to the desired results through interaction that benefits both user and owner. A user’s website experience is carefully guided through messages designed to influence the user’s choices in order to accomplished pre-determined goals.

CTAs or Call to Action are Key Components to Driving Website Success

You have a great looking website so you think you are set because your:

  •  Content is solid;

  •  Images are gorgeous;

  •  Visitor count is up over 100% compared to last year;

  •  Pages are search engine optimized and;

  • You are showing up in the first pages of Google for many of your targeted terms.

Does all that really matter?
It only matters if your visitors are converting into sales, leads, subscriptions, or downloads. In other words, if your website visitors are not accomplishing the goals you have for your website’s purpose, what good are first-page rankings, increased visitors, great content and pretty images?

The steps for a visitor’s completion of a website goal are often planned and placed with the express purpose of leading the user along a path to a final destination. A CTA or Call to Action is simply what it says. It calls the user to take some sort of action or take some step. The step can be as simple as “Call Now!” Whatever the call to action is, it is going to be something that, when completed, will bring the user closer to the website owner’s objectives. Whether it is the sale of a product or a subscription to a weekly newsletter, a well crafted and positioned CTA will help the website user get there.

Sales Conversion Tip:

You are better off telling a prospect to go ahead and do EXACTLY what you want them to do than using a weaker approach like asking.  “Wait,” you may be saying, “Isn’t it more likeable to ask instead of tell? Won’t I offend some prospects by telling them what to do?”  If you are thinking this, don’t fret. People are not as sensitive to these things as you may imagine. Remember, in most cases, an honest salesperson is helping their prospect by selling them their goods or services. The salesperson helps them decide to take action regarding something beneficial to them. The salesperson is doing the prospect a disservice if he does NOT tell them how they can take the necessary actions to obtain this product or service.

Try this little trick for kicks– The next time you notice someone with something like a pen in their hands ask, “Can you let me use that pen?” Often, the person will pause, think about it and then finally hand over the pen or even ask why you need it. Then try this: “Hand me that pen.” Almost invariably, the person will hand you the pen first before they ever even start to think about why you need it or whether or not they should or should not give it to you. People are hard-wired to do what is immediately demanded of them within reason. So by all means, use those calls to action and tell your website visitors to “Do it!”

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