[Case Study] Apex Mortgage 400% Growth in Internet Generated Business

The Overview

APEX Mortgage provides commercial loans up to $1,000,000 directly to small business owners as well as through brokers servicing small businesses. The marketing team at APEX wanted more leads from their Website. Philly Marketing Labs started in February of 2012 with the goal of increasing leads generated by the Website.

The Ask

Philly Marketing Labs and APEX began their engagement with the goal of increasing leads generated from the website through combined efforts. Over the course of the engagement, various aspects of focus became more prevalent including content strategy, conversion optimization, mobile website creation, email marketing, dynamic phone tracking, video content creation and promotion, and social media platform training.

The Action

The Philly Marketing Labs team implemented numerous changes to the APEX digital marketing effort including:

  1. Strengthening Digital Footprint – work included the design and development of an improved, conversion-oriented Website with Mobile Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (on-site and off-site) and Social Media coaching and training on blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Developing Discipline and Agility – business goals were converted to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a monthly analytics “measure and improve” meeting was held and research helped identify associations and groups to target, QueryHive introduction and monthly reporting.
  3. Experimental Approach with Channels and Tactics – continuous marketing experiments provided the team with an optimized mix of email marketing, content development, webinars and Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), whiteboard video creation and video promotion.

The Results

  • 30.5% increase in client’s entire business.
  • 400% growth of business directly attributable Philly Marketing Labs’ digital marketing. Numbers are likely much higher, but phone tracking was not available until late in the study period.
  • 50% increase in overall business leads (year-over-year 2011 vs. 2012).
  • 621.74% increase in overall sessions from social, and 157.4% increase of new users from social, during the LinkedIn Training Program.

The Reviews

The Philly Marketing Labs team implemented numerous changes to the APEX digital marketing effort including:

“Best quarter in 4 years.”
“If my business grows, you (PML) are contributing.”

– CEO, Sept. 2013

“Philly Marketing Labs has helped us to strengthen our digital marketing efforts and to present cohesive and consistent communication to our customers. With PML’s help, we have been able to refine our messaging and bring in new business.”

– VP Marketing at APEX Mortgage


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