AdWords Automatic Offer Extension – Promoting deals mentioned in your ad text

The Google AdWords Offers Extension has been around in Beta for a long time and as of the end of February 2013 has been rolled out to all advertisers in the United States.

In doing some research on the Offers Extension I found documentation mentioning a second Offer Extension called “Automatic Offer Extensions” that automatically promotes deals mentioned in your ad copy with an extension that reads “View this ad’s deal.”



Source: Google AdWords Help


I reached out to my AdWords Rep and he confirmed that this is indeed new and they are receiving training on it now.

Google creates the Automatic Offer Extension by analyzing the ad copy as well as the landing page to make sure the deal is valid and mentioned on the website.

From Google:

When you create an ad, the AdWords system will scan the ad text to see if there are any terms associated with deals or special promotions. If your ad includes such terms, then we’ll review your ad’s text and destination URL to make sure your advertised deal is available on your landing page and complies with our policies. If your deal is eligible to appear, we’ll show the “View this ad’s deal” link below your ad text. Keep in mind that the link will take customers to the same landing page that’s used in your ad’s destination URL or keyword’s destination URL.


  • Advertisers must be opted into the Search Network
  • Campaign must target desktop computers
  • Ads must be eligible to appear in one of the positions above Google search results.


  • Fees for clicks of the Automatic Offer Extension are the same as it would be for an ads headline click.

How Automatic Offers Extensions play with other extensions:

  • Automatic Offer Extensions will be trumped by other eligible ad extensions.

Can Advertisers opt out?:

  • Yes, Advertisers have the option to opt out of the automatic extension by filling out a form.

I have not been able to find a single client account that shows anything related to this in the Ad Extension section.  It is also unclear as to where the performance metrics for the Automatic Offer Extension would be found but verbally I was told that the data would appear under the Offers Extension section of the Ad Extensions tab instead of it’s own ‘Automatic Offers’ section.

Has anyone seen this in the wild yet?

Comments welcome.


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