AdWords Opportunities Tab Update

This week Google AdWords launched an update to their Opportunities tab.   The opportunities Google highlights are customized for an advertisers account.  Google will supply these opportunities and share data on how each opportunity can potentially impact the account. The update has not filtered through into all my Client accounts yet, but I expect that Google is rolling this out to all advertisers over the next week.

Some of the new things you will see in the Opportunities tab are:  first page bid, match type, geo bid adjustment opportunities, call extension opportunities, and bid opportunities based on the performance of competitors.

AdWords Opportunities Tab Update

When you visit the Opportunities tab you will be greeted with the following:  

“We created a list of opportunities customized for your account. View an opportunity to see how it could potentially impact your campaign performance, and apply it directly to your account. These are refreshed often, so check back regularly”

Opportunities vary from account to account.  In some of the accounts where the tab is updated I see only keyword opportunities, in other, half a dozen opportunities.  One of the cooler features in my opinion is what Google is sharing on setting bid adjustments by location.  


Here is an example of what you see when clicking ‘View’.


Another cool feature under the Keyword Opportunities is the options to add suggested keywords to a new group that is created on the fly through the opportunities tab.  Advertisers also have the option to add the keyword to an existing group.


Am I doing backflips over the new Opportunities tab?…not exactly.  None of the opportunities that Google recognizes should be blindly included in an account, they all need to be reviewed and judged for their worth.  However, this new iteration of the Opportunities tab is a major improvement.


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