AdWords New Call-Only Ads

AdWords New Call Only AdsAdWords has integrated a new ad type into the AdWords User Interface named ‘Call-Only’ ads.  This new ad type is designed for mobile devices allowing advertisers to build out a text ad that only allows the option for a phone call.  Click-to-call mobile ads are not new to AdWords but the process of setting them up was done through a call extension by setting it to show just the phone number vs both website and phone number.  This is a new and improved way to build out one of these click to call ads in the AdWords User Interface.

To create a Call-Only ad we are required to supply a Business name, Phone Number, 2 lines of descriptive text, a display URL and an optional verification URL which is something new.  This is what Google has to say about the Verification URL.

“Verification URL is the address of a webpage on your domain that contains your phone number.  How this works: This URL is optional, but we can use it to verify that the phone number you enter for your ads matches the one for your business.  The domain for this URL must match the domain of your display URL.”

The options for using your own number or a Google forwarding number are available, as is with call extensions, as well as the option to count calls as conversions.

AdWords Call Only Ad builder

This is an example of what the ad will appear like on mobile devices.


Good addition to the interface that streamlines the process of creating Call-Only mobile ads.

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