Acting on Google Analytics Data to Improve Business Results

On May 28th, 2014, Philly Marketing Labs hosted another fine meetup in the spirit of helping people and businesses adapt, engage and thrive in the digital marketplace.  The meetup presentation was headlined by Skip Shuda and Bechara Jaoudeh.

Unfortunately, the video above is not a copy of the actual Meetup presentation. I was in charge of the recording, and my camera was set to loop and record over every five minutes! D’oh!!! The video is my attempt at atonement for that flub. It is MY coverage of the presentation along with some of the slides the guys used.

The Meetup covered Google Analytics and ways to use the data to formulate informed decisions aimed at improving your business performance. Some of the questions answered during this presentation ranged from, “How do I know if my website’s performance is positive?” to, “How do I implement the new Universal Google Analytics?”

Give us your thoughts! How has Google Analytics made a difference for your business? Click on the Meetup logo below or go to the Philly Marketing Labs Meetup page and join!

Meetup - Acting on Google Analytics Data to Improve Business Results





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