A Map of Internet Marketing & Social Media Channels

We needed a canvas for creating our client’s strategies.  Which Web, Social Media and offline channels were best suited for a given client? How can these channels be woven together to create a cohesive campaign to reach a specific audience? This map of the  Marketing Communication landscape captures context, interactivity, potential reach and purpose. In this screencast, Team and a Dream co-founder Skip Shuda introduces this new map and shows some initial ways that different marketing personas can be mapped to create custom campaigns.

This screencast presents Version 1.0 of the Map (current version is at 4.0). What other maps have you encountered that help you navigate and create Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies?  What important dimensions are missing from this map that you’d like to see included?


  • February 13, 2010


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    From Ed Callahan –

    Nice podcast. It brings together many dimensions of both marketing campaigns and the various Internet channels very nicely. What for me isn’t as as clear as it needs to be is how you determine what channels match your tribe. You were the first to introduce me to the Groundswell methodology for profiling your tribes social computing behaviors. Did I miss something? How do you factor that into this model?

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  • February 13, 2010


    (To which Skip Shuda Responded)

    Hey Ed! Thanks for the comment.

    First of all, I need to apologize for my delay in responding. As this is a new blog, I didn’t have notifications set up and this is the first time I read your response.

    To address your question, In matching the tribe to a channel, I think we need to consider:
    – Demographics (People). Are the 35-65 year old professionals hanging out in this space? Or are the 20-27 year old self-described “foodies” in Philadelphia on this channel?
    – Objectives. what are the objectives of the conversations that are taking place on this channel. (I’ve created 13 buckets in my most recent cut at this question). In the screencast of this post, we use colors to show how the channels serve different objectives like “presenting your POV”, “developing credentials”, “information sharing/learning”, etc.
    – Channel Capabilities (Technology). Can I post videos? Create groups? Create questions to be answered by a forum? These capabilities help determine “how” you will/can participate in the conversation

    These three considerations come for the (P)eople, (O)bjectives and the (T)echnology of the Groundswell POST methodology (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology). Readers can see more in which we discussed this framework in our blogpost on blending the Groundswell Social Media approach with analytics ). This methodology provides a solid, top-level approach to creating a Social Media strategy.

    Once you understand the personas you want to address (People) and the Objectives you have for your conversations with those people, you can use this map to create a Strategy. The Strategy can look at ways to blend bubbles, push from one into another – and how well your objectives match with the objectives typically used in a channel.

    Long story, short – the topics in this post should be embedded as tools to help you strategize, organize, explore and discover concepts in support to the POST approach to Social Media. I hope that helps. However, we might need a fuller conversation at some point in the future!

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