3 Ways To Be More Successful with Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords is an effective way to market your business products and services. Google’s AdWords Experts teamed up to provide 3 ways to be more successful with Google AdWords and offer advice to small and mid-sized businesses who use pay-per-click advertising as part of their online marketing strategy. Kim Clinkunbroomer, our Google AdWords Expert, participated to ask the panel questions.

3 Ways To Be More Successful with Google AdWords

  1. Establish a goal and associate metrics with it. Francoise Brougher, Vice President of Global SMB Sales and Operations offers the advice that online marketing companies need to understand what business goal you are trying to achieve through the use of Google AdWords. Some examples of goals are driving traffic to your website, getting website visitors to fill out a form, or getting internet sales for your products on your website. Once you have a goal defined, it’s easy to associate a metric with it which can be tracked in Google Analytics.
  2. Know where to find your audience. The world is huge, but are you able to market or sell your services to the world effectively? This may not make sense for most businesses and one of the benefits of using Google AdWords is geo-targeting the traffic will see your advertisements online. Understanding where your audience is and how they use the internet can help your AdWords success. One thing to think about is who is using mobile vs. desktop to view your website and how are they using it. In some instances, the mobile audience may be vastly different from the audience using a desktop computer, thus requiring different messaging and ads, or maybe even a different product.
  3. Tell your story using a quality ad. Make sure your ads are aligned with your products and services. This will improve the user’s experience in addition to click-through rates. Creative matters for your ads so providing a good description is an effective way to get the right message to the audience you are targeting.

Watch the full video about Google AdWords and how you can be more successful.
Francoise Brougher, Vice President of Global SMB Sales and Operations and Paul Feng, Director of Google AdWords Product Management discussed recent updates that make AdWords products and customer service better for you. The live session was moderated by Deepak Khandelwal, Vice President of Global Customer Services.

AdWords Certified Partners working with small and medium business advertisers – Kim Clinkunbroomer and Tom Sands, joined to ask the panel a few questions.

01:31 Panelists introduction
05:32 Francoise: How can advertisers be more successful using AdWords? 3 ways
06:07 1) Establish a goal and associate metrics with it
07:00 2) Know where to find your audience
09:09 3) Tell your story using a high quality ad
12:06 Francoise: How Google helps advertisers improve their performance with AdWords
17:31 Paul: 3 improvements to AdWords enhancing ease of use:
18:23 1) Project “Chameleon”
19:27 2) The Display Network tab
20:50 3) Ease of creating mobile-specific campaigns
22:59 Kim’s question to Francoise: the importance of setting up an advertising strategy
25:06 Kim question to Paul: recommendations on ways to save time in managing AdWords account
28:30 Tom question to Francoise: advice on getting most out of video ads
29:59 Tom question to Paul: recent Remarketing changes
32:28 Deepak: wrap-up


  • October 11, 2012

    Great article…here are a few of my own suggestions…

    I have personally found so many people using adwords do not know to go in and negate poor broad matched terms. This can save you a lot of wasted dollars.

    Next is breaking out your keywords into adgroups and use optimized landing pages. Using landing pages that are keyword rich in the word being serched and having an ad relevant to the word being searched…not only gets a better Click through Rate(CTR) but also the relevance often increases your rankings without having to spend more trying to bump up your rankings.

    Last…set up your sitelinks. I’m finding a steady 1% increase in CTR with ads having sitelinks!

    Brian Brown Sr Internet Marketing Consultant
    o 610-667-4595 x114 | c 215-384-4568 | f 610-667-4920
    111 N. Presidential | Suite 215 | Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

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    • November 15, 2012

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree that negatives are so important to save money and also an important process to improve CTR. I love to use the negative keyword tool to proactively identify and add negative keywords to client accounts. The keyword tool is also an excellent resource to check the quality of your landing pages. Just input the destination URL of a landing page into the website section of the tool and see what Google takes away from your landing pages. It is interesting to see if the keywords Google’s tool picks up align with the keywords in the adgroups.

      Take Care,

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