2012 Internet Marketing Conferences Near Philadelphia

We’re thrilled about this year’s selection of Social Media, SEO, and PPC marketing conferences in Philadelphia, New York, DC, and Boston. Here are a few hand-picked selections to help professional internet marketers keep up with digital marketing trends:

May 2012 Internet Marketing Conferences

OMI Conference – Social, Mobile & Digital Marketing Boot Camp
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Price: $229-$479. 15% off before April 18.
Date: 05/09/2012

Conversational Marketing Summit – Engaging Audiences with Digital Technology
Location: New York, NY
Price: $1199, or $999 before April 13
Date: 05/14/2012 – 05/15/2012

SoMeBizLife Conference – Effective Social Media Strategies for Business
Location: Doylestown, PA
Price: $69, or $49 before May 1
Date: 5/30/2012


June 2012 Internet Marketing Conferences

BlogWorld Expo – Social Media Conference and Expo
Location: New York, NY
Price: $297-$1097, or $247-$897 before May 15. Expo only: $97, or $47 before 5/15.
Date: 06/05/2012 – 06/07/2012

Info360 Conference – IT and Social Media Strategies
Location: New York, NY
Price: $495-$1195. Expo only: Free in advance.
Date: 06/12/2012 – 06/14/2012

An Event Apart Conference – For Designers, Coders, and Content Writers
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $499-$1340, or $449-$1240 before April 23.
Date: 06/18/2012 – 06/20/2012

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Collaboration and Social Media Marketing
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $795-$2295, discounted before May 26. Expo only: $50.
Date: 06/18/2012 – 06/21/2012

140 Characters Conference – Exploring the Effects of Real-Time Internet on Business
Location: New York , NY
Price: $140 (nice!), or $110 before May 4.
Date: 06/19/2012 – 06/20/2012

DMA All For One Summit – Integrating Online and Off-Line Advertising
Location: New York , NY
Price: $699-$899, or $649-$849 before May 31. Expo & General Sessions only: Free before June 13.
Date: 06/20/2012 – 06/21/2012

August 2012 Internet Marketing Conferences

eTail Conference – Internet Marketing for Retailers
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $1749-$2099. Other price packages also available.
Date: 08/13/2012-08/16/2012


September 2012 Internet Marketing Conferences

An Event Apart Conference – For Designers, Coders, and Content Writers
Location: Washington, DC
Price: $499-$1440, or $449-$1240 before April 23.
Date: 08/06/2012 – 08/08/2012

October 2012 Internet Marketing Conferences

Pivot Conference – Turning Social Media into ROI
Location: New York, NY
Price: $1395
Date: 10/15/2012 – 10/16/2012

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit – Advanced Analytics Tactics
Location: New York, NY
Price: $595-$3700. Expo only: $50.
Date: 10/17/2012-10/21/2012

Social Media Strategies Summit – Leveraging Social Media for Branding
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $1995-$2885. Different options also available.
Date: 10/23/2012 – 10/25/2012

Also in October: SMX East. Prices are not yet available.

Quick Travel Tip:

If you’re ready to relax, book your seats on the Bolt Bus and catch up on your reading!


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